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 TVA Rule book

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PostSubject: TVA Rule book   TVA Rule book Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2013 9:50 pm



First and foremost be on time and don't miss safety briefs or game brief you will not play!! Unless game control has time to go over the rules n scenario with you. Secondly post that you are in!


1.1 Airsoft is a game of HONOR. Please call YOUR OWN hits!

1.2 DO NOT call opposing players out. Calling opposing players out is poor sportsmanship and your side will be penalized if a controller witnesses the event. (One Exception: see section 12.9)

1.3 Players caught attempting to cheat will incur penalty points for their side, and/or may be ejected from the game and barred from future P.R.N.W. events.

1.4 Players who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm, or otherwise break the law will be referred to local law enforcement officers and barred from future P.R.N.W. events.  

1.5 Subordinate players should observe and respect ranks and the event Chain of Command (NCO's and Officers).  

1.6 Ranking players should recognize that P.R.N.W. events are GAMES. Rank is a tool to provide structure for an enjoyable game. Have fun, and remember you have a responsibility to help your subordinates to have fun as well.

1.7 There is little restriction what kind of camouflage or clothing an operator can wear, Be aware that certain teams wear specific camouflage. Arriving in a team camouflage will generally mean being placed with the team that wears said camouflage. This however does not make the operator a member of said team, Nor does it guarentee membership/recruitment in the team.

1.8 The only thing prohibited is red clothing, Shirts/pants/hats ect. Red is used to denote Game Control or Non Combatants and cannot be worn by combat personnel.

1.9 Do not under any circumstances bring real blades/Knives or other bladed weapons on the field.

1.10 Live firearms are strictly prohibited, do not bring them on field for any reason, even pre or post game.

1.11 Under no circumstances is alcohol allowed on the field. Any operator known to have consumed or have alcohol prior to a game WILL NOT be allowed to take the field.


2.1 Each event must have at least 2 members acting as game control. One controller per force.

2.2 Game Control is not permitted to participate in scenarios, aside from being a prop for said scenario.

2.3 Game Controllers have final say in scenarios and dealing with any problems that may arise in field and settle disputes (The decisions of game control are to be respected, regardless of team affiliation)

2.4 Game Control does not represent individual teams, they are representatives of the P.R.N.W. community as a whole.


3.1 Eye protection must be worn at all times while in a playing area.

3.2 Eye protection must be form fitting or have a rubber/foam/soft material seal that closely conforms to your facial features.

3.3 Eye protection should be ANZI Z87.1 compliant or better. This standard is usually posted either on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website.

3.4 Mesh goggles should be made from stamped steel and not deform from repeated close range hits. It is recommend players test their mesh goggles in a careful controlled environment before attending an event with this type of goggles/face protection.

*** Safety Tip: When purchasing safety glasses/masks, Place your pinky inside the outer edge of the glasses if you can fit your finger between the rim and eye they are a no go.

Section 4: HIT RULES

4.1 NO BLIND FIRING. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed (no using mirrors or devices to shoot around obstacles).

4.2 Every player must have and use a red rag to signify they are dead and out of play.

4.3 Getting hit in the body or head is counted as a lethal kill. Hits to the arm or leg are counted as wounding shots (see medic rules: Section 9) Hits to weapons damage the weapon and take them out of play. (See Engineer rules: Section 10)

4.4 Lethal hits; Raise your hand over your head and yell hit. Wave your red rag above your head momentarily, then tie it around/through the front sight of your rifle or attach it to your head in a SECURE fashion. Expect to be hit multiple times while doing so - in the chaos of combat fellow players rarely have split-second trigger control. Assume a non-combative posture and quickly remove yourself from the area.

4.5 When wounded call hit and take a knee and pull your red rag, call for a medic (see medic rules: Section 9) Wounded cannot move or shoot, they can however speak to a medic, IE: "call for medic" "Get me out of here" Ect. However wounded should not give away positions to non medics. There is a two minute bleed out time, However if a medic is not available then the Operator can choose to bleed out and go to respawn.

4.6 Weapon hits: When your weapon is hit it is rendered useless and can no longer be used. You may use sidearms, or secondary weapons. The damaged weapon can only be brought back into play when the operator respawns or if a engineer repairs the weapon. (see engineer: Section 10)

4.7 Please keep in mind most players cannot hear you. Your raised arm, and red rag is the first and most important sign of being hit. Getting hit while dead is going to happen, either by walking into a firefight, or by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do not overreact. Simply wave your arm or red rag and proceed to respawn. Do not yell, cuss or disrupt gameplay or your team may be penalized and you may be removed from the event.

4.8 A dead operator is out of play and cannot talk, use the radio or give away enemy positions. Violation of this rule will result in removal from the event.


5.1 Melee kills with a rubber knife or close combat weapon are allowed. A swiping motion, or tap on an opponent's shoulder, is allowed (and is considered a lethal kill).

5.2 Melee weapons may only be made of rubber, plastic or foam. They may not be Metal or carry an edge.

5.3 Stabbing motions with Close combat weapons are forbidden, as are motions towards the face, throat, or groin of any player on the field.

5.4 Sidearm pistols and shotguns are allowed to be used in close combat within 20ft engagement.

5.5 Sidearms may only be single shot and meet AEG FPS limits, any sidearm that is capable of automatic fire (including three round burst. See 5.7 for only exception) is not allowed as a close combat weapon and must follow the standard AEG rules set.


5.7 Shotguns that fire triple shots are still considered single shot weapons.

5.8 When engaging in close combat be sure to aim for gear and chest hits, Never aim for the head, neck or face of the target.

Section 6: BANG BANG

6.1 Bang Bang; If a player enters a close range situation where firing his weapon could "result in unnecessary harm to an opposing player", AND he/she has the target "dead to rights," use the "Bang, Bang!" rule.

6.2 If a player says, "Bang! Bang!" to you, you should honor the kill and immediately pull out your red rag. Treat it as a lethal hit. Do not give away the source of the bang kill, IE: do not point out where the attack came from.

6.3 Bang Bang can only be used within the minimum 20ft, and you cannot Bang Bang multiple opponents.

Section 7: PARLAY

7.1 If two players encounter each other at 20 feet or less in the forward arc, with weapons raised and neither have advantage on the other. It is a parlay situation. Parlay can be settled one of two ways.

7.2 The first is Parlay. One of the operators calls out parlay, Both operators pull their red rags and move out of the minimum 20 feet engagement, and out of sight from each other. Then call set, stow their red rags and reengage from a safe distance.

7.3 The second is a Dual, The two operators in question pull their red rag and settle the dispute with an old school Rock/Paper/Scissors. The loser heads back to respawn. The Victor stows their red rag and continues on field.

7.4 Operators in Parlay/Duel are considered out of play. Any hits suffered while the battle is settled do not count.

Section 8: CEASE FIRE

8.1 When there is a incident such as injury, loss of eye protection, etc. then cease fire is called, do not move, shoot, ect.

8.2 When a cease fire is called echo it across the field so all operators can hear it.

8.3 During a cease fire, no one other than Game Control or team leaders are allowed to move. A Cease Fire is not an opportunity to move to gain advantage on a opponent, relocate to a better position or take a objective. All operators are to stay in position for the duration of the Cease fire.

8.4 Civilian on the field: When a cease fire is called in the event of a civilian walking onto the field. In the event of a Cease Fire / Civilian on the field all operators are to stand with their weapons down, in a non combat position regardless of current tactical stance.

8.5 Blind man: If someone looses their safety glasses, has fogging issues or other safety problems.

8.6 Injury/Man down: if there is a medical emergency or injury, any operators with medical or first aid training are allowed to move to assist.

8.7 Once game control has dealt with the source of a Cease Fire, they will call game on and the scenario will continue as normal.

Section 9: MEDIC RULES

9.1 When playing with medics, a hit on the arm or leg will constitute as a wound.

9.2 Players must still yell HIT loud and clear, raising his/her hand in the air and pull out their red rag and take a knee. After the red rag has been placed on their head, they can then call for a medic.

9.3 Wounded operators cannot move, however a medic can move the operator, simply place a hand on the operators shoulder and the wounded can move with the medic.

*** If you are wounded and wind up in the line of fire or are in the way of a objective, You may move out of the way for safety sake.

9.4 Being hit while wounded does not count, unless its a grenade, explosive or knife kill.

9.5 The wounded operator has a 2 minute "bleed out" time for a medic to revive the operator. However if a medic is not available or cannot reach the wounded operator they may choose to simply die and return to respawn at any time.

9.6 To revive a wounded operator the medic must reach the wounded and tie a bandage around the operator's arm. The operator is then back in play and any hit from then on is considered a lethal hit. Operators can only be healed once per life.

9.7 Medics can carry up to 5 bandages at a time, but may resupply at anytime from respawn or FOB/Mobile spawn. It is the medic's duty to supply their own bandages.

9.8 Medics cannot heal themselves, but a medic can heal other medics.

9.9 Each team can have one medic per squad (or roughly 6-8 operators). It is up to individual teams to decide who is tasked to be a Medic.

9.10 When a healed operator respawns be sure to leave the bandage at respawn/Fob so that medics can resupply.


10.1 Engineers are responsible for the set up/dismantling of Explosives in scenarios (IED, C4, ect.)

10.2 Engineers are also responsible for the set up and take down of special props within a scenario. (satellite dishes, computers, ect.)

10.3 The engineer is also the only person who can repair damaged weapons (Weapon Hits Section 4.6). The engineer simply takes the weapon, counts to five and then pronounces it fit for combat, after which the operator can use the weapon as normal.

10.4 Each Team can field up to 3 engineers. It is up to individual teams to decide who is tasked to be a Engineer


11.1 P.R.N.W. has the right to randomly chrono any weapon before it is allowed on the field.

11.2 Any weapon that exceeds the chrono limits is barred from P.R.N.W. events. Use of a Barred weapon will result in being banned from any P.R.N.W. Events.

11.3 Velocity limits are set by the FPS of the weapon, not the weapon type itself, or what the weapon is used for in the "Real World".

11.4 AEG Limits using .25 6mm BBs. AEG level weapons have a minimum engagement distance of 20 feet.

OK < 366 fps
Caution 366-376 fps
NO GO > 376 fps

11.5 Sniper Limits using .36 (8mm/6mm) BBs. Sniper level weapons have a 100 foot minimum engagement

OK < 436 fps
Caution 436 - 447fps
NO GO > 447 fps

11.6 Sniper level weapons can only be Semi-automatic only, Any automatic must be permanently disabled. This includes electronic triggers that allow rapid trigger pulls or "simulate" automatic.


12.1 No metal grenades, paintball grenades, or hard objects may be used.  Only rubber, plastic, or foam style grenades will be permitted.

12.2 Each player is allowed to carry up to 2 grenades on their person per respawn at any one time (extra may be left at a main respawn).

12.3 Only hard cover protects you from Grenade area effect. Hard cover includes a stone wall, a bunker, a building wall or similarly completely obscuring terrain. Trees, bushes, shallow ditches, and other players are NOT hard cover.

12.4 Hand grenades, explosives and rockets are considered Area effect weapons. Anyone caught within the blast radius is killed as all blasts are counted as lethal kills. Grenades have a kill radius of 15 feet. The kill radius of explosives is 20 feet.

12.5 All Grenades must be painted or marked with high visibility colors. either paint, or streamers. Red may not be used as it can be confused with a red rag in the heat of battle.

12.6 Mines and Booby traps: Spring loaded or gas powered BB grenades (BB showers) and mines are allowed. If a player is hit by a BB from such a device, it is considered a lethal hit.

12.7 Any other kind of booby trap MUST be approved by members of the P.R.N.W. council or Game Control prior to use at any P.R.N.W. event.

12.8 Explosives are counted as C4, Bomb vests, Satchel charges, ect. Explosives are the responsibility of combat engineers. They are used as part of a scenario, and are not standard equipment.

12.9 The player at the center of the blast radius calls out all other players, regardless their side. This is the ONE exception to Rule 1.2

12.10 The blast radius of explosives as judged from where it lands, or is detonated.

12.11 Rocket blast radius is determined from the point at which it rests (and are counted as grenades), unless it strikes a vehicle.

12.12 If a rocket destroys a vehicle, the vehicle is considered the blast radius center.

12.13 Each player is allowed to carry up to 4 rockets on their person, per respawn at any one time (extra may be left at a main respawn).

12.14 Airsoft Claymore Mines are classified directional weapons (NOT area effect), and their BBs must strike the target to count.

12.15 The use of low temperature (160° F max), internal burning smoke grenades may only be used with the permission of the P.R.N.W. council or game control and only under certain conditions.


13.1 Night mission attendees must have a tracer unit, tracer magazine, or tac-light to participate. Depending on the scenario teams may be required to have specific color tracers. If you’re using a tac-light, BB color doesn’t matter.

13.2  If players use a tac-light instead of a tracer unit, or tracer magazine, they MUST turn on their tac-light when shooting. Any violators of this rule will cost their team points, and may be asked to leave the game.

13.3 Pistols may be used in night missions, and do not require a tracer unit or tac-light to be used.

13.4  Night missions will obviously be dark, and hard to see, so instead of using a red rag, a red chemlight or red flashlight must be used, NO EXCEPTIONS.

13.5 Sniper Fps rifles are not allowed in the night missions, due to high velocity and 100 foot engagement rule.

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ALSO lets try to reach 100 likes guys... keep it going! spread the word in facebook. Treasure Valley Airsoft Weekend - Warriors

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TVA Rule book
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